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When the word marketing is heard, for most of the people the next word that comes to their mind is business. Marketing has become one of the most important elements in businesses. Businesses are always torn between two options whether to invest in digital marketing or traditional marketing. Why marketing is this much important for a business? Let’s take a quick look at how marketing is important for a business

It’s an effective way of engaging customers around your business

Providing or selling services or products are the main aspects of a business. Business needs customers to purchase and use their products and services so that only business will be able to increase their sales. Through marketing business can provide more information about products and services. Informing customers about how good products are, customers tend to engage around the products and services which your business provides.

Increase brand awareness and brand reputation

The success of your journey in business directly depends on your brand and its reputation. For a business to make a good reputation for the brand takes a lot of time and effort. Marketing is a perfect way to promote your brand. Providing quality products and excellent customer service builds the reputation of the brand. Once the reputation is built, maintaining the reputation is really important for the survival of the field of business. Marketing plays a major role in maintaining brand reputation.

Increase sales

“No sales – no company ’’- Mark Cuban

It’s obvious that the business’s goals are completely determined by the number of sales. Marketing allows customers to engage more with the brand and they talk more about your brand. It builds trust in the company and results in increased sales.

Keep ahead of the competition

The business itself is a competition between rivalries in the same niche who compete to gain more customers and to grow. Keep ahead of the competition always gives a business an additional advantage. Your business could provide the best service and the highest quality products but still, if the people out there don’t know about your brand they would not be your customers.

Businesses which do not pay attention to marketing either do not progress or grow. It’s true that word of mouth can be a reliable way to get customers but when it comes to the effectiveness of word of mouth stays way below the expected margin. That’s why serious businesses allocate a considerable amount from their budget for marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a form of marketing using traditional ways unaccompanied by digital methods and technologies such as social media platforms and the internet.Traditional marketing ruled the marketing empire.

These traditional ways include:

  • Broadcast
  • Telemarketing
  • Print
  • Direct mail
Traditional Marketing Posters on Wall

Broadcasting methods include commercials and advertisements on radio and television. Perhaps on-screen movie theatres.

Telemarketing refers to telephone marketing which includes text messages and calls. This method convinces customers to buy certain products or services.

Print includes materials such as advertisements and notices published in famous magazines and newspapers. It also includes printing materials used for distribution.

Direct mail includes the distribution of printed material such as flyers, brochures, catalogues, leaflets etc., through posting directly to customers.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing


Traditional marketing campaigns are familiar and it can be more memorable for people.

Some of the most memorable campaigns that were still in the people’s memory

Nike – ‘ just do it ’

Kit Kat – ‘ have a break, have a kit-kat’

Coca Cola- ‘ the pause that refreshes ’


Static texts

Traditional marketing uses static text and it can’t be changed or updated over time. Once the advertisement was placed in a newspaper, television or radio, it can’t be edited even though the stocks are over. This likely results in making many unhappy and disappointed customers.

Highly expensive

Publishing and displaying commercials and advertisements on television, radio and in newspapers can cost you a very high amount of money. Relatively amount spent is much higher than the sales coming in return. Therefore ROI is lower.

Customer segmentation and customized marketing is impracticable

Targeting a specific customer base interested in the products or service cannot be done using traditional marketing methods. Therefore, although the advertisement reached more people conversion rates are relatively low.

Provide less information

TV commercials and radio commercials have limitations of time and content from the respective service provider. Also, newspaper advertisements have a fixed amount of characters that should be met when providing the content for the advertisement.

Effectiveness of the campaigns can’t be measured

After launching the campaign, there is no proper way of measuring campaign productivity. Company has no clue what so ever, whether

How many people have been acknowledged?

How many people have been impressed?

How many people have bought the product because of the campaign?

How much progress it had been made?

What are the reactions and interactions of customers?

Customers are forced

As those products and services are an essential part of the customer’s life, traditional marketing likely force on customers to buy, which results in more disappointed and unengaging customers with bad reviews and ideas about the product.

No any direct engagement with customers

In traditional marketing customers cannot reply or make comments back towards the advertisement. They cannot ask questions about that and also the advertisement provides only less information. Therefore for most of the people, the idea that the business wanted to be executed is not crystal clear.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the form of marketing that uses the Internet and other digital media platforms to reach customers/consumers. It’s proven that digital marketing is much more effective than traditional marketing. If you still find it difficult to adjust and adapt for digital marketing. Uplift Digital Marketing as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka can help you take your business to the next step you dreamed of.

Digital media marketing includes:

How digital media marketing has overcome the drawbacks of traditional marketing?

Improves the relationship between customers and business by allowing a high level of customer engagements.

We perceived that traditional marketing doesn’t not allow direct engagements with customers. But when it comes to digital marketing customers can give their feedback, comments, ideas and suggestions through digital media platforms such as social media or emails. When your business is consistently engaging with your customers. It serves excellent customer services and the customers are pleased about the brand. Also, your business can regularly improve the quality and the standards of the services and the products based on the requirements of the majority of the customers.

Easy to measure the progress of campaigns

Progress of campaigns can be easily measured in digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing. Importance of knowing measures is that you can decide how the campaign went, what areas needed to be improved in further campaigns, what are the customer’s engagements, how many customers have bought the products and much more? It’s always better to play a sighted game rather than playing it blind.

Expose your business to millions and billions of potential customers.

Traditional marketing is limited to a particular geographical area or a country. Digital Marketing has no restrictions, no limitations and no boundaries. Your business is open to millions and billions of potential customers. Why restricting your business when you can possibly reach millions or billions. If you are willing to take the action Uplift Digital Marketing can help you achieve your goals.

More effective

Through digital marketing it’s possible to segment your bigger audience and customize the messages which well suit their requirements. Also based on your type of your business you can target the most appropriate audience which is interested in your products and services.

Why spending your valuable money irresponsibly? When you have the best option in front of your eyes. Join us to explore more. Uplift Digital Marketing is there to help you.

Provides detailed and updated information about your business

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to provide descriptive and clear information about your business through your website. Also, the customers can be acknowledged if something changes related to your service or product instantly so that they don’t get disappointed and dissatisfied.

Inbound marketing method

In digital media marketing, the attention of the customers is attracted by creative contents and advertisements. Customers by themselves come, search and buy products without putting any pressure or force on customers. They can freely decide what to pick based on their actual need.

The only drawback the digital media marketing has is the time. You need to learn new skills, new strategies and new concepts. We know that you are putting 100% of your time building your business. We can understand that you don’t have enough time to learn and be experts in these areas. Uplift Digital Marketing is one of the leading digital marketing agencies and one of the best social media marketing agencies in Sri Lanka. We would love to help you and for us, there’s nothing more satisfactory than to see our clients business grows. Our experts in the respected fields would love to work with you and share their knowledge in order to produce better results. By reading this we think we might convince you why digital media marketing is so important for your business than traditional marketing methods. If you are tired of trying traditional marketing methods with no expected results. Don’t worry you are going to make the best decision to grow your business by joining with us.

Why waiting still? Contact us to begin your journey with us and to begin your digital marketing campaign.

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