25 Major benefits of SEO

Why it’s a need, not a want, for your business.

Most of the businesses do not use an effective SEO strategy for their business and they neglect the benefits of SEO. Your business is making a big mistake and it’s on a huge threat if you disregard the benefits of SEO. In case you know how massive SEO can be beneficial for your business, on today itself you’ll be working on this strategy. SEO refers to search engine optimization which helps optimize your website to be more visible on SERP and to get more organic traffic towards your website. The most common search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Here are some major benefits of SEO and this blog would show why your business needs to invest in SEO.

01. SEO caters your business to an extremely large audience.

SEO helps your website to go up the rankings. As your site goes up in rankings, you get more traffic. It has been confirmed by the researches that the websites on the first few pages of the SERP have really high visibility than the rest on the other pages. There are approximately 1.5 billion websites on World Wide Web and out of those sites, 91% of websites are invisible (zero traffic). Due to the inability of managing a better SEO strategy, those sites struggle to cater to the audience. For example, if a user wants to buy a cake online, the person clicks the links that appear on the first, second or rarely third SERP without concerning to scroll through the rest of the pages because of two reasons. People don’t want to waste their valuable time scrolling through google all day long for a product and search engines are highly trusted by its users. SEO allows your website to be present among the results of the initial pages of SERP. Therefore your business has an extremely high possibility to be visible to millions and billions of search engine’s users.

02. SEO improves user experience.

All the time SEO and user experience go together. Implementation of SEO is not focusing the search engines. The ultimate goal of SEO is to improve, ease and enhance the user’s requirements and intentions on search engines. For example, SEO requests you to include outbound and internal links that automatically direct to relevant pages with more informative content. This helps search engines to crawl your website but not only that, from the user’s view it assists the user in easy navigation. Why search engines often request you to have relevant and engaging contents and designs? Why those types of websites get more priority and attraction? Why it’s a recommended SEO trait? Because it creates easy and awesome user experiences for users. This is one of the major benefits of SEO.

03. SEO increases mobile friendliness.

SEO helps to increase mobile-friendly website developing and designing. Earlier people used to surf the internet more from desktop computers and laptops as mobiles were used for basic purposes such as calling or texting. But right now mobile has become the prime factor for everything including businesses compared to laptops and desktop computers. Google announced in 2015 that they would favourite and give preference to mobile-optimized sites in mobile search results. When more visitors access your website on mobile devices. It’s really vital your business website gives a positive impression to them. Otherwise, due to lack of better use experience on mobile, they may shift to one of your competitor’s site which is more mobile-friendly. At that point, you’ll miss valuable leads. Having a mobile friendly website is also a good recognition of your brand. Since SEO helps to improve your site’s mobile friendliness your business will get all of the other benefits as well.

04. SEO promotes content marketing.

Content is king’.

Content marketing is an important marketing strategy. This consists of creating creative but relevant content and valuable content in order to get the attention of the customers. Content doesn’t have to be serious. One of the main characteristics of great content is giving your customers some kind of value. It may be useful content or it may be entertaining, doesn’t matter as long as you fulfil and satisfy the requirements of customers. SEO encourages content marketing. It always encourages to use fresh, rich, relevant and valuable content. Not only that, SEO also improves the chances of delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

05. SEO increases brand awareness.

A brand is no longer what we tell consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is ’ – Scott D. Cook

SEO makes sure your website goes up in rankings on search engines. If your brand displays higher in search results. People who are in search of a product or a service related to your business niche get used to your brand and they likely to purchase and test how good your brand is. At this point, if you are able to provide better customer service, the person who purchased your product or the service would be very pleased and satisfied with your brand. Meantime that customer likely recommends your brand to the family members, relations, neighbours or friends. If something is recommended by someone who is close, it results in a positive impact. Further, this results in building a strong network of customers around your brand. This is how SEO promotes your brand.

06. SEO gives permanent results.

When approaching pay-per-click for your website, it appears at the top of SERP as long as you pay for the ads. However, when you stop paying for the ads it will no longer be visible. Advertising also cost you a considerable amount. But SEO results are independent of ads. If you can maintain an effective SEO strategy, your site will appear at the top of the search list and you don’t need to spend any amount or charge additionally for that like ads.

07. SEO avoids irrelevant content.

Using irrelevant and spammy content results in high bounce rates of consumers as they don’t find what they expected. This also disappoints the customers and even google penalizes those websites. The most damaging thing that occurs by using irrelevant contents is ruining the brand credibility among customers. SEO helps avoid irrelevant and spammy content and ensures the satisfaction of customers on your brand.

08. SEO drives quality traffic to the site.

The traffic towards your website can be created by either from organic or from paid traffics. Which is better? You are able to get more traffic by paid methods but what about the quality? People search for their problem and you’d be having the best solution for that problem. Eventually People will pick you to provide them the solution. The search traffic is already fascinated by your services and products. Furthermore, it’s a better option to inform the users about your other products and services.

09. SEO results in high conversion rates.

Organic traffic is interested in your products and services. Therefore that traffic likely to convert more than other types of traffics. It has also showed from the reports that most of the websites have got higher conversion rates from organic traffic which SEO creates than paid traffics. This is also one of the major benefits of SEO for the company.

10. SEO is a promotion in each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week and each year for your website.

Another major benefit of SEO is, it’s a free promotion. If your business manages to maintain a good and effective SEO strategy, within a few months you will be able to rank high in search engines. Unlike the ads it’s permanent. Your business is at the top of the search engines and your website can be easily visible to customers at any time. Although you are asleep Google and other search engines never sleep. While you are sleeping, they still promote your website.

11. SEO is almost free of charge.

The amount of money you have to spend to advertise on TV, radio and in newspapers is huge. As a start-up, you may not capable of allocating a huge budget for marketing. But creating and hosting a website is not that expensive. Using the service of a professional SEO organization such as Uplift Digital Marketing can be a viable option and the best solution for your company. High-quality service is guaranteed, extremely fair pricing and most importantly it’s one of the best digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka and one of the best SEO companies in Sri Lanka.

12. SEO is measurable.

Earlier data reports were presented once a month or annually as it was a very complex procedure at that time. Data is really important to gain perceptions about customer requirements, preferences, marketing trends and much more. You can use effective tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to gather information and to understand the key aspects and drawbacks related to your website. Not only that you will also be able to see conversion rates and bounce rates. This is again one of the key benefits of SEO.

13. SEO helps you to stay ahead of the competition.

SEO helps you to stay ahead of the competition by Uplift Digital Marketing

“The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell” – Andrew Carnegie –

SEO always gives an added advantage to stay ahead of the competition. If you are the market leader undoubtedly you’ll get more customers and a good brand reputation. Also by measures regularly can analyse your results with your competitor’s data. So that you can have a better understanding of the keywords and localization factors that your competitor uses. Then you’ll be able to competitively outclass your competitors.

14. SEO builds brand credibility

Search engine users usually trust search engines. As you are on the first-page, ranking first, second or third on list, people think that you are a giant in this industry and they start talking about your brand. Ultimately they start to trust your brand with the hope that you would provide the best services and products to them. Conversely, your business may provide high-quality products with excellent customer service but as long as you are at the bottom of the search list people don’t know you may doubt your company. Therefore in order to build the brand credibility SEO is a key factor.

15. SEO gets more clicks compared to PPC

Because of users having high faith in Google’s algorithm, most probably they skip the advertisement and embrace the results on SERP. Perhaps for the same keywords, SEO may give more traffic than the paid ads.

16. SEO traffic converts lead into a customer.

A lead is a prospective customer. In that process handling the customer with the utmost care is a must. SEO ensures customer satisfaction in almost every step which results in converting the lead into a customer.

17. SEO increases Email newsletter subscribers and Social media followers.

SEO helps to improve your website’s rankings on search engines. This results in getting more traffic to your website. As the traffic is high if your website consists of an email newsletter subscription option, you can get more subscribers. Also if your website gives a good impression to a users, they likely go through your social media accounts by the icons and start following you. It’s a critical factor to increase your customers around your brand.

18. SEO increases your web referrals and blog traffic.

As your website goes higher in rankings, your website gets more traffic. People who viewed your website likely check the other pages and referrals inside your website. They would also go through your blog posts. Because of that they individually rank on the search engines and this act can bring referral traffics into your website.

19. SEO increases the safety and security of the website.

Safe and secure websites get higher priority in rankings of the search engines. Therefore SEO always recommends your website to follow methods that will improve security and safety. Not only this results in improving your search engine’s rankings but also it will protect your website from viruses, frauds and spams.

20. SEO improves web site speed.

SEO improves web site speed by Uplift Digital Marketing

One of the key On-Page SEO  tactics is reducing the page loading time. A famous real world example for this is the page loading speed of Amazon.  For every 100ms (milliseconds) delay, Amazon loses a turnover of 1%. The results of various researches and studies have proven 50% of the internet users expect a web page to load with in 2 seconds or they leave the page. Most of the internet users do not have good patience. Therefore it’s better you adjust your website to fulfil the expectations of customers. If you are unable to maintain your website, Uplift Digital Marketing as a leading digital marketing agency would be pleased to help you out.

21. SEO has high ROI.

Once you invest in a good digital marketing strategy it will always give you a higher ROI. When it combines with am effective SEO strategy impressive ROI can be expected.

22. SEO decreases the budget allocation for advertising.

A Smart SEO strategy improves your rankings. As a top-ranking website your business will be getting quality traffic. Quality traffic will always make more conversions and more sales. Because of this, you needn’t having any advertising campaigns to get more traffic. Therefore extra spending on money on advertising can be used for separate investments.

23. SEO is improving and growing continuously.

The SEO industry is growing without a doubt. Forbes stated that the businesses would spend 80billion dollars on SEO before the 2020 ends. It’s also higher than the amount businesses spend on advertising. As it is still growing this is the best chance for your business to work on this before it gets too saturated. Leading SEO companies such as Uplift Digital Marketing agency would love to be a partnership with you in your long journey of business.

24. SEO is used by your competitors.

I would say the field of business is the riskiest, trickiest but yet the most interesting competition of your life if you join the competition as an entrepreneur. You have to be updated up to date, in search of the trends and be alert about what your competitors are doing. Presume your competitors get all the benefits that are aforementioned, without any hesitation, you will be outranked by them. Take a better decision today. Work with a reliable SEO company.

25. SEO increases the overall value of the business.

SEO increases sales and brings more money to the company. As the site is on top your business will gain more market value. SEO increases the user experience resulting in more satisfying customers.  It increases brand awareness, credibility and value. Therefore SEO increase the overall value of your business.


SEO surely is a long term investment for your business. Benefits of SEO for a business are unlimited.  SEO also capable of making long term assets which are highly beneficial. SEO requires specific knowledge regarding the field. Uplift Digital Marketing has the best SEO professionals with expertise knowledge. Unreliable SEO companies who are providing services may use Black-Hat SEO methods. Google penalizes and blacklists those type of websites and your website will not get the chance to rank high again. Therefore be careful. Make sure you choose the best option to reveal all the benefits of SEO by selecting Uplift Digital Marketing as your SEO Company. Correct SEO strategy can gain you while the incorrect SEO strategy can ruin you. Be smart, contact us now. Uplift Digital Marketing can make your tough roads much smoother in your business journey.